Chill Pill Bottle


Chill Pill Bottle

from 3.50

Having a bad day? Take a chill pill! This fun Chill Pill jar makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a little humor in frustrating situations!

For an additional price, we can fill it up with your favorite candy! See form for details


★Size: 4oz, Opening Diameter 9/16", Cap Size 22/400

★Finish: FDA Compliant Glass

★Color: Clear Jar With Craft Paper Label

Student Theme: Take a Chill Pill immediately after an unfortunate encounter with an angry, annoying, unattractive or unpleasant individual. In case of emergency and/or immediately following a lecture from your least favorite authority figure, break glass and consume the entire bottle. In the event of a major exam, take a Chill Pill to fade the stress away.


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