Our Amazing Donors

Thank you so much to the amazing A'tudes & Brews supporters!  

Donations of $50 or more

Rebecca Schnelz

John Putnam


Donations of $25-$49

Erika Miras

Adam Borecki

Mark Clague

Elizabeth Kosko

Donations of $1-$24

Kathy Eisner-Garber

Erika Binsley

Stephanie O'Keefe

Rebecca Andrews

Maxwell Stein

Casey Follen


Mug Shots

In addition to our generous donors, these wonderful people bought our A'tudes & Brews mugs! Each purchased mug helps to fund the project and cover interview costs. If you'd like to be featured in our Mug Shot gallery, order your mug today through our store!

In order of appearance (photos above): 

Adam Wolf    Stephanie Tuck    Tommy Militello    Elizabeth Kosko    John Putnam    Andrea Del Rio    Rachel Van Amburgh    

Emily Reppun    Catherine Baker    Mark Clague    Annie Bosler & Dylan Skye Hart   Jacob Rexroat   Betty & Gene Schnelz  

Matthew Karatsu   Daniel Kitzman   Max Stein   Christine Stinchi   John Gruber   Cody Halquist   Wayne Lu   Emily Browne

Devin Cobleigh-Morrison   Jonathan Snyder   Christian Green   Arun Mangrulkar   Bryan Kennedy   Johanna Yarbrough  

Ben Wulfman   Teagan Faran   Cassie Walck   Jules Pegram   John Gough   Allison Chu   Jay Wallace   Peter Stammer  

Morgan LaMonica   Emily Hoffner   Elizabeth & Snorkels Harraman   Jessica Pinkham   Allen Fogle   Grace Wolfe