We're embarking on our first ever Brew Tour! We'll be stopping at various locations this summer conducting all kinds of interviews, so keep updated with our #BrewTour2017 events! Please also watch this short video that details where we're going, why we're going, and how we could use your help to make this a success


We want to hear from you! We're in the process of applying for grants and fiscal sponsorship, and it would really help us out if you filled out a quick survey. If you're still unsure, you can also check out some testimonies to see how this project has impacted others.

In the end...

Our goals are to encourage musicians and non-musicians alike to practice being honest and open with their stories. We also want to connect our audience to resources that address artist specific mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Why? We believe that in pursuing these goals, sharing individual experiences, passions, values, struggles and triumphs, will strengthen and connect us together as a society. Though we may be great musicians, engineers, teachers, etc., first and foremost we are people, and we all can relate to struggle and triumph. SO, let's allow music, a little caffeine, and good conversation be the common purpose everyone can practice and positively benefit from.