Emily Browne

From: State College, PA

Age: 22

Instrument: French Horn

School: University of Southern California, MM Horn Performance

Beverage Drinking: Iced Americano with a drop of creamer

"I really took to [horn playing] from the very beginning. I just love playing the horn and practicing. But, I specifically remember the first time I ever played in an orchestra, which was the summer after 8th grade, immediately falling in love with it. To me it was the coolest thing ever. We played an arrangement of the Berceuse Finale from Stravinksy’s 'Firebird' and doing that made me fall so in love with orchestra right away. Once I had the experience of doing it, I was hooked on it. But, I have definitely struggled with those feelings of ‘why am I doing this’, absolutely. Thankfully, though, I have always bounced back because whenever I get to perform, where I’m nervous but also excited, to me there’s no greater feeling in the world-it’s exhilarating. It is just so much fun, and nothing else can replicate that for me. Music is the one thing that makes me feel that way. Same goes for when I’m listening to an orchestra or a concert...I don’t know, it’s just this really great feeling I get that resonates within me.

Advice to other musicians: "I would encourage someone to remember their own reason for why they fell in love with music. I mean, if it actually happened in real life, where someone asked me this question, I would say that if you realize that music is not your thing, it's okay. I think sometimes we forget that it’s okay to accept that, if it’s truly not meant for you. But, if you still want it, I would encourage them to think back on when they were young that made them want to start in the first place. They need to re-learn how to enjoy music."

Inspirational Quote: “The road on the extra mile is never crowded”- Wanye Dyer (heard it from Julie Thayer, 4th Horn for the St. Louis Symphony)

Cause to raise awareness to: American Diabetes Association

Do you think Inspiration is important?: "I think, hopefully, [inspiration] is an important part of being successful. Because the whole process is being creative, and you need inspiration. If you want to communicate something, or an idea to somebody, it wont be convincing if you don’t believe in it, or are inspired by it yourself. Sure, it may be possible for a person with the greatest violin technique in the world to get a job who is not inspired by what they do, but I probably would not want to listen to that person play."