Sarah Minneman

Age: 23

From: Allentown, PA

Instrument: Oboe

School: University of Southern California, MM Oboe Performance

Beverage Drinking: Jasmine Pearl Dragon Tea

“It’s probably more of a combination, but yeah I guess I rely more on external motivation. I mean, I don’t want to do music for my own benefit. I want to be helping people. I used to think that being a performance major was selfish, but I realized at some point that it doesn’t have to be. In my mind, there are two worthwhile things you can do as a person. You can either do something that will help people to be able to live, or you can do something to provide people with a reason to want to live and be happy they are alive. I think music definitely falls into the latter category. Music is not going to cure Ebola or anything, but it’s art, it’s what makes us human versus just being animals without cognitive thought.”

Advice to other musicians: "When I’m down I like to listen to Albrecht Mayer. He’s been very proactive in sharing the oboe with the world, and I think it’s cool that he’s broadening the oboe’s scope. For me, when I hear that it reminds me why I chose the oboe and why I want to play it. Just listen to someone who embodies everything you want your instrument to sound like and represent. It works for me."

Inspirational Quote: “The only person you’re destined to become is the person who you decide to be”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you think inspiration is important?: "Yes. You have to make something happen. If you are not inspired, you are not going to make anything happen. Sure, different pitches will happen at different times, but there won’t be anything connecting them."

Cause/Charity: American Liver Foundation (October is also Liver Cancer Awareness Month!)