Snapshot: Interview with Scott Watson

Age: 18

Pursuing: BM in Trombone Performance & Music Education

From: San Diego, CA

Favorite Brew: Hot Cocoa

Carrie Rexroat: How did you get started in music?

Scott Watson: My grandma was a professional flute player in San Diego, so the music bug was in the family from the start. My parents were really good about playing soundtracks and classical music in the car, so I caught the bug early. Unlike Skye, I do have a charming story. I picked up all the instruments and the trombone was the loudest, so I had to play that one.

CR: What’s something you’ve learned about what it takes to become a professional musician during your first year at Michigan?

SW: I’ve had to learn time management in terms of rehearsal preparation. In high school and other summer things you have a lot of time to learn music, but in college and it’s like, “here’s Mahler 2 the day before rehearsal starts and you have to have your part down.”

CR: Is there something specific that you do to maintain your time well?

SW: Well, being a dual degree candidate I’ve had to learn that I can’t study where I sleep, so I’ve had to find study spaces. I do keep a very detailed calendar in my phone, and I live by it because I always forget things. I think I’m figuring it out, maybe.

CR: How has the transition been to being on your own?

SW: it’s been pretty OK. There are ton of people here, so it’s not like I’m really alone. I Skype my parents every few days and we have a group chat and I text them to say ‘hey’. I’m definitely not isolated here. Plus, I’m so busy that I kind of forget that I’m not at home anymore. Everyone always said that college would be so different and I’d have more free time to mismanage, but my schedule is WAY more busy than it was in high school.

CR: In relation to wellness, are you currently taking advantage of any of the resources that are offered? Do you think it’s important?

SW: I actually don’t know too much about it. I saw a poster, but don’t really know what it involves. What is it exactly?

CR: Well, there are resources and courses available that address the physical, mental, emotional, financial, health, and social aspects of being a professional artists.

SW: Oh ok, I’ll definitely look into that.

CR: As a final question, having grown up in San Diego, what’s it been like to live in a place where it’s not sunny at all?

SW: I’ve been counting down the days until Spring Break *laughter*. I miss the warmth and the beach!