Snapshot: Interview with David Magumba and Megan Wheeler


David Magumba

From: Cincinnati, OH

Studying: Vocal Performance, Opera

Megan Wheeler

From: Los Angeles, CA

Studying: Vocal Performance, Opera

Q: "What are you inspired by?"

David: "“I’m inspired by a lot of different things, but I guess it’s sort of what I choose to be inspired by. Life, in some ways, inspires me, and wherever I can find resilience or transcendence of some sort in any aspect of life I find inspiration. But this project reminds me of something my Aunt always says which is: “you can be on stage and perform your heart out, sound as good as you want to sound, but at the end of the day, when you get off that stage, who are you? Will you really feel good about yourself?” She reminds me that I have another life outside of performance, and it’s good to work on that just as much as I do in music.”

Q: Specific to music, what's something that you're very passionate about?

Megan: "Performance. When we learn the technicalities of music it can be challenging because we all try to hit every note perfectly, but I’m actually really excited about this year because I’m doing more actual performing. In opera workshop we just got assigned scenes and I got my dream role, playing Cherubino, so I’m geeking out right now!"