Snapshot: Interview with Geoff Brown

Age: 19

From: Grand Rapids, MI

Degree: Performing Arts Technology

Favorite Brew: Colombian Coffee

Q: As the school year goes on, what sorts of negativity do you find yourself dealing with? How do you overcome it?

"As the year goes on getting out of bed gets harder, but I guess I struggle with comparing myself to others. That whole equating how you’re doing with what you’re worth is something I think everyone deals with. But, how to stop comparing myself to others is a tough one. I spend so much of my time with music, so I just try to do other things outside of music to keep myself grounded without getting swallowed by that feeling. I like writing a lot, I like doing art, and I should be working out, but such is life. I know it wasn't your question but I can tell you a funny story on how I got involved in music if that's cool. So, when I was in elementary school, this one kid who I thought was really cool had "read a book about palm reading". So, he read my palm and told me that I'd be a bass player. I didn't know what a bass was, but I went home and asked my dad for a bass, so I started bass lessons and got into music."