Snapshot: Interview with Jonathan Thomas

Age: 18

From: Ann Arbor, MI

Degree: Bachelor of Music, Horn Performance

Favorite Brew: RoosRoast Coffee's Espresso; Strawberry Mint Lavender tea from TeaHaus

Q: Is community outreach something that’s important to you as a musician and as a person?

"I think it’s something that I want to be important to me. I haven’t done a whole lot of it yet, but I definitely plan on it being in my life, yes. We haven’t done this recently but when I was young my family used to cook meals for the Alpha Home here in Ann Arbor and we’d go there and spend time with people living at the shelter. But, community outreach is something I want to be important to me within music. Maybe I’ll do something with music education. I’m not really going into music education, but I can still form groups together to introduce people to chamber music or teach young children how to play the french horn."