Snapshot: Interview with John West and Bret Magliola

John West:

From: Lake Orion, MI

Age: 22

Favorite Brew: Roos Roast Lobster Butter

Bret Magliola:

Age: 20

From: Mahwah, NJ

Favorite Brew: Early Grey and English Breakfast Tea

Q: What do you love most about studying music at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance? 

John: "For me it’s all about the community; I can relate to a lot of people here. I study economics as well, but here at the music school I just have an overwhelming sense that everyone is in this together. It’s not a narrow vision, just only doing your own thing all the time. People here know each other and say hello in the hallways. It’s easy to make friends in this place, and everyone’s just happy to be here, even on the bad days."

Bret: "I really like the community aspect, but I liked that it's paired with the individual focus. Practicing is a solitary thing, it’s the ‘me’ time, but it’s great that I can also practice with friends, come together and maybe play for each other. That’s something I’ve discovered that I really love about music. I love playing my instrument, but I also love being around people who feel the same way as I do."