Snapshot: Interview with Jonathan Hostottle

From: Corning, NY

Year in school: Senior

Instrument: Saxophone

Q: "What's been one of your most favorite performances?"

"Last year I participated in a Symphony Band Chamber winds concert the Hartley Double Concerto for Alto Sax and Tuba. It was just a really special experience, and for me, I feel like it was one of the most high caliber performances I've ever done. It was so gratifying. It stands out because it's such an honor to be there working with all these people who are so good at what they do, and especially because I don't get to work with them very often. Saxophone is such an insular instrument. All our chamber music is by ourselves, we play solos and recitals for each other, we barely get to be in orchestra, so being able to be a part of that piece, and to be featured in that piece, was really special to me"