Snapshot: Interview with Teagan Faran

Age: 20

Pursuing: BM in Violin Performance & BFA in Jazz Contemporary and Improvisation

From: East Amherst, NY

Favorite Brew: Cinnamon Tea

Carrie Rexroat: How did you get started in music?

Teagan Faran: When I was four I went to my brother’s school concert and  saw the violins play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. For a four year old, that’s the coolest piece ever. So, I begged my parents for violin lessons just so I could play “Twinkle Twinkle”!

CR: That’s awesome! Specific to Michigan, what’s one thing you’ve loved about being in music school here?

TF: Michigan is really great because its entire attitude is about encouragement and individuality. It’s like being amongst family here; everyone is rooting for each other.  

CR: In relation to wellness, are you currently taking advantage of any of the resources that are offered? Do you think it’s important?

TF: I definitely think having a specific wellness program is important. The Alexander Technique has been great because it’s specific to body awareness and finding comfort in your own body. It can be tough to present yourself as you would on stage, but figuring out how to translate my stage presence to my regular presence has been really helpful. I have yet to explore much of what Michigan offers, but being the the same building for 13 consecutive hours every day, I definitely want to make sure that I’m healthy. So the physical wellness resources the school offers have been awesome in that regard!